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About us

Varde Muay Thai started as a class in a boxing gym. Just to see if Muay Thai had an interest & future in Varde. It was a coincidence that started it. Martin and his family moved here from England where they had lived all their lives. Muay Thai had always been a part of their life and they wanted to continue their training in Denmark. But there was no Muay Thai gym near Varde so Martin and his wife decided to start a class in another gym. This was a success from the beginning and in no time Varde Muay Thai had space problems. It was decided that Muay Thai should have its own gym in Varde. ’Varde Muay Thai’ was started on 3rd August 2016. Due to us being in another gym we started with no building, no equipment and no money. It was a hard way of starting. Fortunately, Marin’s old gym in England let us buy equipment in their name and get good discounts. At the same time, England had just decided to leave EU. That made the English Pound drop drastically which was a big help for the gym.

In the beginning the gym had a lot of issues regarding location. We found a spot but in a very short time it was too small and we had to move. We moved to another building at the same address.  2 months later we had to move again. This time due to issues between the owner of the building and Varde Kommune. We were without training location for 2 weeks. We got lucky and found a place after the 2 weeks and our address is now Enghavevej 4, 6800 Varde.

The day after we got the keys for the new place the owner started renovating the building so that Varde Kommune could accept them being used for sport. 

When the gym started in 2016 we had received a gift card from Jem & Fix in Varde. We could get what we wanted for dkkr. 25.000 in their store. That was a huge help. We bought floor covers, paint and material used to create, amongst other things, changing areas. 

The number of members joining has been overwhelming. At the turn of the year 2016/2017 we had more than 50 members. Not just adult members but also kids.